7 Amenities That Make Buying Luxury Apartments in Navi Mumbai

7 Amenities That Make Buying Luxury Apartments in Navi Mumbai Worth It

Luxury apartments are all about the outstanding lifestyle that starts with a picturesque view of the city every morning, moves on to other breathtaking views and luxury services that ensure the utmost comfort every day. And thus, you aspire to own a luxury apartment, work hard for it, overcome obstacles daily to reach the moment when you finally get the key to the home of your dreams.

Navi Mumbai has seen rapid development and foresees even more ambitious developmental projects. It’s a well-planned city with good social infrastructure and business opportunities—in other words, an attraction for people looking to move forward in their life. This led to a surge in demand for luxury apartments in Navi Mumbai, with NG Grand Plaza being one of the most exquisite.

NG Grand Plaza, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai is a 38-storey residential cum commercial proposed project that redefines elegance and grandeur. Being in the centre of a developed locality, it hosts the most sought-after luxury apartments in Navi Mumbai. The project is all about providing its residents with a premium experience of comfort and convenience, a lifetime of luxury, and here are the amenities that ensure so.

7 Amenities That Make Buying Luxury Apartments in Navi Mumbai 2

Premium On-Site Services

When people buy luxury apartments in Navi Mumbai, they expect life to become easy and more suitable for their indulgence. These expectations are met with premium on-site services like a shopping mall and fine dining restaurant. With such services, you can experience a new level of convenience, and save yourself some trips in the city’s traffic.

Lush Garden

At NG Grand Plaza, a soothing garden that’s lined with beautiful trees is just steps away. A morning walk in the garden met with the serene air is just what you need to lift your spirits for the day ahead. And for leisure, you can spend your afternoons at the tree court or gazebo.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a must in luxury apartments. It’s one of the first few amenities that draw people toward luxury apartments. To graciously fulfil that desire, you can take a dip in the well-maintained swimming pool or relax in the on-site jacuzzi at NG Grand Plaza.

Multipurpose Hall

To save you from making tedious booking arrangements, NG Grand Plaza has a multipurpose hall on-site. So you can find the venue for your family functions, business seminars, etc., without any work.

Children’s Play Area

Without a children’s play area, luxury apartments in Navi Mumbai are amiss. Home is about making lasting memories, and children swinging and sliding in the park is a lifeline for many of them. So, with a well-built and well-maintained children’s play area, we aim to nurture such heartfelt family memories.


Health has significantly moved up the priority list of people; the neglect is gradually fading. That’s why people want to start their day by hitting the gym before heading to work. And to facilitate that, you get a hi-tech gym on-site, so you don’t have to drive out a few kilometres every morning. Also, you get a chance to customize equipment to suit your needs.

Sports Courts and Indoor Games

There’s no better way to free up your muscles of stress than a game of sports to kick off your weekend. And now the sports courts are very, very close. At NG Grand Plaza, there’s an on-site baseball court and tennis. And if you prefer indoor games, we’re ready to fulfil your expectations too.